Top foods to enjoy with whisky

Need a hand pairing Scotch Whisky with food? We give you the low down on what works well with a glass of the good stuff.

The perfect snack; served either with whisky neat, or aperitif whisky cocktail.

When you find a good pair, whisky and cheese works exceptionally well together. We suggest a sharp
Cheddar or Percorino with a fruity or woody whisky, Parmesan or Gouda for spicy whisky and a strong
Blue-Vein for smoky, peated whisky.

Chocolate and whisky – yes please! A match made in heaven if you’re drinking a blend with sweeter notes.
The luxurious chocolate mouthfeel works hand in hand with the bold flavours of whisky.

Fresh citrus and smoke complement a salmon dish splendidly. Serve whisky with a dash of water to release
the aromas and finer flavours.